PAO for Coordination of EU Programmes in Azerbaijan

Who is who

Key stakeholders in the TAIEX project cycle are the Beneficiary Administrations (BAs) which are Azerbaijani Public Institutions, the PAO Azerbaijan within the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Institution Building Unit (IBU) of the European Commission's Enlargement Directorate-General, the European Union Delegation (the EUD) to the Republic of Azerbaijan, TAIEX experts from the EU Member States, and the External Service Provider (IBF -

The IBU of the European Commission is responsible for the TAIEX and sets the legal, financial and procedural framework for TAIEX projects. Its role encompasses guarding and guaranteeing fair, transparent and consistent application of the rules. The role of IBU is to channel requests for assistance as well as to act as a broker between the concerned institutions in Azerbaijan and the European Union Member States for the delivery of an appropriate tailor-made expertise to address problems at short notice. The PAO, the coordinating body for Twinning, TAIEX and SIGMA Activities in Azerbaijan, plays a central a role in ensuring communication between the IBU and the BAs. The PAO is ensuring that the TAIEX activities are in line with national policy objectives and reform agenda.

IBF executes its mandate from the IBU and ensures the event takes place in accordance with the instructions. The service provider is responsible for all logistic arrangements: the organisation, booking and paying of the logistics (conference venue, hotel, flights, catering, interpretation, technical equipment). IBF directly contacts the contact person in BA to work together in order to find the best solutions for the logistical arrangements of the TAIEX event.

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