PAO for Coordination of EU Programmes in Azerbaijan

Main features

TAIEX is a quick and flexible tool for a wide range of subjects. It also identifies possible issues for joint working between the EU and its neighbours.
Main target groups:
  • Public administration;   
  • Public agencies;
  • Private sector associations with a mission of public service;
  • Social partners.
Main target areas:   
  • To strengthen the public administration;   
  • To approximate the EU acquis;   
  • To achieve the priorities of the Neighbouring countries & Russia, as stated in the Action Plans and National Indicative Programmes or Roadmaps;
  • To reinforce networks between Neighbouring countries & Russia and EU MS;
  • To pave the way for future Twinning projects

Types of Assistance

Expert Missions in Beneficiary Countries

Workshops or seminars in Beneficiary Countries

Study visits in Member States

Max 5 days missions of the EU experts to:

•  Provide guidance on legislative projects and on the functioning of the administrative process

•  Advise on legislative acts and on their implementation

•  Explain the EU acquis

•  Present examples of good practices

Max 2 days event to present and explain the EU acquis-related issues to a large audience (selected by the concerned beneficiary country) from the same country or from several countries, regarding issues of common interest.

Max 5 days event to allow maximum 3 officials from a beneficiary country to understand how MS(s) deals with practical issues related to the implementation and enforcement of the EU acquis.

For more information on TAIEX, please refer to this link.


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