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Twinning Light

Twinning Light” is designed to offer a more flexible, mid-term approach to address any self-contained institutional  issue task that is smaller and less complex with a limited scope of activities and with quickly achievable results and during the shorter duration of six months.

The likeliest scenario would be implementation of a specific measure - creation of an Insurance Supervisory Authority or Roads Inspectorate, for instance - rather than reform of the general or legal framework. The programming of Twinning Light projects should therefore be accurate and timely.

Twinning Light projects should not be used to supplement full Twinning projects, which are self-contained and involve the obligation to deliver their own mandatory results.

Twinning Light projects consist of the provision by a MS of well-defined public sector expertise, generally involving the secondment of short term expertise by officials (civil servants), and/or, less frequently, civil servant experts staying for longer periods. Given their limited scope and duration, “Twinning Light” projects fall short of building longer term structural links between public administrations, which is indeed one of the broader objectives of standard Twinning.

The financial ceiling for Twinning Light projects has been set at €250.000 and their maximum duration (time span for Twinning activities) limited to 6 months; in exceptional cases this can be extended to 8 months. Apart from these ceilings, there are three main differences between standard Twinning and Twinning Light projects:  

  • The absence of a Resident Twinning Advisor;
  • The absence of a jointly designed work plan. This enables the project to be approved in shorter delays. However, the project fiche has to very precisely define the requested input and cooperation;
  • No Consortia of MS partners allowed;
  • No purchase of equipment or private sector services subcontracting for translation and interpretation where necessary.

 Twinning light projects:

  • must target a concrete and operational result: mandatory result as standard Twinning;
  • are subject to the same monitoring and assessment procedures as standard Twinning;
  • are subject to the same procedures of contract changes as standard Twinning.

More detailed information is provided in the "Twinning Guidelines for Azerbaijani Beneficiary Administrations" and " Common Twinning Manual" on the digital library of the website.

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