PAO for Coordination of EU Programmes in Azerbaijan

Who is who

Project Leaders (PL): Project Leaders are high-ranking officials - one of the EU Member State and one from Azerbaijan. They continue to work in their administrations, but also devote a portion of their time to conceiving, supervising and coordinating the overall thrust of the project. The EU Member State Project Leader should devote to the project a minimum 3 days in month, including a visit on the spot every 3 months. Broad knowledge of Twinning procedures and good leadership skills are required to be a Project Leader. Azerbaijani Project Leader acts as the counterpart of the MS Project Leader and ensures in close co-operation the overall steering and co-ordination of the project from Azerbaijani side.

The Resident Twinning Adviser (RTA) and the RTA counterpart: The Resident Twinning Adviser comes from an EU Member State, he will be seconded to work and will be based in Azerbaijan for the whole period of the Twinning project. He must be a civil servant or equivalent coming from the EU Member State administration involved in the Twinning project. His main task is to accompany the implementation of the Twinning project, to coordinate the activities and to ensure the continuity of the implementation of the Twinning project. The RTA counterpart is appointed by the Beneficiary administration and he ensures close co-operation in the day-to-day implementation of the Twinning project.

Program Administration Office (PAO):  PAO is an especially dedicated unit set up in the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to retain in cooperation with the Delegation of the EU the overall coordination of Twinning projects.

National Contact Point (NCP) in an EU Member State: Each of 28 EU MS has a NCP for Twinning, who acts as a single interlocutor for the EC and EUDs. NCP is the central point of communication between the EC, EUD and the EU MS in the promotion, development and co-ordination of all Twinning activities.

Focal Point (FP) in the Beneficiary Administration: Each Beneficiary administration (ministry, agency, and committee) in Azerbaijan appoints a FP, who ensures the interface between the BA and the PAO.

European Commission Headquarters (EC HQ): The EC acts as a facilitator and guardian of fair, transparent and consistent application of the EC rules and procedures throughout all stages of the Twinning cycle. EC HQ sets the legal, financial and procedural framework for the Twinning projects.

Delegation of the European Union (EUD): Ensures the Programme Management and Contracting and is the central point of communication between the Beneficiary country and EC Headquarters and it also ensures the backstopping of Twinning activities and quality control of Twinning fiches and contracts.

Short Term Experts (STE): They are civil servants or other specialists from the EU MS with a thorough expertise in a specific field. Duration of their input varies from one project to another. 

More detailed information is provided in the "Twinning Guidelines for Azerbaijani Beneficiary Administrations"  and "Common Twinning Manual" on the digital library of the website.

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