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SOCIEUX - Social Protection European Union Expertise in Development Cooperation - is a technical assistance facility which has been set up by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Development and Cooperation -EuropeAid- in order to support the efforts of partner countries to better design and manage social protection systems.

How does SOCIEUX work?

SOCIEUX works through short-term peer-to-peer inputs delivered by experts drawn primarily from the European Union Member States’ public administrations and mandated bodies.

SOCIEUX is a demand-driven facility. Partner countries submit requests for assistance in designing and delivering social protection systems in a simple format.

The SOCIEUX team then fine tunes the requests in collaboration with the requesting government authorities and the local EU Delegation to ensure a high-quality, tailored, technical and result-oriented collaboration. Achievements will be carefully evaluated, best practices shared when appropriate and results disseminated.

The facility permits rapid mobilisation of social protection experts from the European Union to easily share knowledge and experience. Practitioners from partner countries’ administrations and non-governmental groups can also be mobilised as experts.


Which areas are covered by SOCIEUX?

SOCIEUX offers support in all social protection areas, including:

  • social insurance: contributory pensions, health, accident, unemployment protection;
  • social assistance: cash transfer programmes, income guarantee schemes, social pensions and other old age benefits, child and the disabled support grants, public works, employment guarantee schemes, together with the issues of targeting and conditionalities;
  • access to basic social services:education, health and employment;
  • financing of social protection systems;
  • monitoring and evaluationssystems, statistics and registration systems


What kind of activities does SOCIEUX implement?

SOCIEUX implements two types of activities:

  • analytical activities aimed at addressing structural weaknesses in partner institutions, such as assist in designing legislation or policy frameworks;
  • specific activities aimed at ad hoc transfer of know-how and expertise to strengthen existing capacities or respond to punctual needs such as support for training, awareness raising.


Who is eligible for assistance from SOCIEUX?

SOCIEUX mainly targets public authorities and mandated bodies in charge of social protection at a national and regional level.

In Azerbaijan, application of SOCIEUX tool started in early 2016. Since then, implementation of 2 SOCIEUX projects were started on the initiative of the Azerbaijani public institutions.


Please, follow this link to obtain more information on SOCIEUX tool.

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