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On 10 June 2002 the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan was appointed by the Decree N. 940 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan as a responsible body for overall coordination of implementation of EU Programmes in Azerbaijan. The Programme Administration Office (PAO), established within the Department on Cooperation with International Organizations of the Ministry, plays an essential and coordinating role between the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani Public Administrations. The PAO also promotes and ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of the EU assistance towards Azerbaijani Public Administrations.

The EU assistance is aimed to cover several sectors as Justice and Home Affairs, Environment, Social Protection etc. Also there are several different financial instruments with different type of expertise, duration and services offered. The PAO assists the Public Administrations to identify possible financial instruments to be used based on their needs and available human and/or institutional capacity. The preparation and later on the implementation of all types of assistance is supported, regularly overviewed, monitored and evaluated by the PAO officials.  

The special focus is given to main financial instruments for institutional building - Twinning, TAIEX, SIGMA and SOCIEUX. Twinning, as a long-term tool related to the EU acquis, has been implemented in Azerbaijan since 2006 when the first twinning ideas were born and the first projects started to be prepared. TAIEX events, as a short-term tool related to the EU acquis, were firstly implemented in 2006. SIGMA assistance, as a long-term tool for the improvement in governance and management, was firstly launched in 2009. As of 17 September 2019, 48 Twinning projects have been initiated and are in different phases presently (40 – concluded, 5 – being implemented), 442 TAIEX events have been implemented, 15 SIGMA assistance projects (all completedhave been realized and implementation of 2 SOCIEUX projects was started. 

We would like to keep our website visitors informed not only about the main documents and the use of the EU assistance in Azerbaijan but also about other important websites to be visited to obtain more information about the overall EU assistance, as well as about the upcoming and implemented events and news in this area and  about the upcoming and on-going tenders and calls for proposals.

We hope that our website will help you to obtain information on implementation of EU Assistance in Azerbaijan. Our common goal is to contribute in political cooperation and economic integration supporting beneficiaries of EU assistance instruments in the improved functioning of the public institutions and economic development.

Did you look for information related to preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of EU assistance in Azerbaijan and you did not find it on our website, please, let us know about that. Also any other suggestions for improvement of our website are most welcome and could be sent on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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